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What you didn’t know about the Blogs section of your website

Customers can smell a hard sell from a mile away and although there exists a time and place for that, if your brand does not stand for more than revenue in the eyes of your customers, you will see sales numbers plummet.

Digital marketing or digital communication is not simply a lateral initiative, it’s more like a web of interconnected articulations that aim to create loyalty, express your brands’ values and essence and ultimately to turn your target market into your customers. Gone are the days where you could simply use one social media platform to reach your entire audience or worse yet, copy and paste the same content across all your social and digital platforms.

Our clients are overstimulated with information and choice every second of the day, so the goal is to raise your communication above the rest. To cut through the noise of competitor advertising and really connect with your customers.

Enter your Blogs tab.

A regular and consistent blog is a massively important tool in your online strategy to establish yourself as an authority and influencer in your market. Content that engages and enriches clients will ensure you start developing a loyal following. Once you have a captive audience of loyal supporters, conversion starts to climb.

Your blog page acts as an anchor to your all your online communications and when done correctly. helps you build a strong and convertible database of your own.

Everything you do online should drive traffic to your website, if it doesn’t, you have ‘left money on the table’ and lost potential revenue.

Make sure that your entire online presence communicates a version of the same message, disconnects in your online positioning can create disconnects in your customer loyalty.

Take time to set up a detailed content plan that reflects all your online platforms and commit to engaging with your audience on a deeper level than just trying to sell them something. This is an absolute, guaranteed to win strategy that we potentially miss while chasing the bottom line.

Invest the right time and planning into your online communications and you will see massive results.

At Ycagel, we specialize in helping businesses get their digital communication strategies in-line with their business goals and in driving relevant and engaging content with a purpose.

Send us a message or drop us an email for a free consultation or for more information.

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