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Not every specialist has to be on your payroll

Learn how to leverage the GIG Economy in your business

The time of the freelancer is firmly and undeniably here. Now more than ever, organisations can leverage specialist skill sets without having to on-board staff on a full-time basis. Independent contractors and freelancers can add massive value to your special projects through purposeful skill transfer.

Inject some life into your current team by introducing new thinking and focused passion.

Freelancers fit right into your organisation during the time they spend with you and challenge accepted thinking in teams.  Businesses can foster a curiosity for new ways of doing things and ensure that they are extracting the maximum value from current initiatives by bringing to the table insights from the Gig Economy on the most current trends, up-to-date best practice thinking and what to look out for moving forward.

Supporting the growing pool of freelancers within your network also ensures that your organisation is driving sustainability and growth in a market that is poised to add massive value in the future.

It’s as easy as catering for a co-working space on your premises – if you need dedicated time from your freelancer talent pool or negotiating the number of hours invested by your freelancers working off-site.

Now more than ever before, globally accepted thinking supports a break away from the normal 9-5 and confirms more productivity from people allowed to invest when they are at their peak (which unfortunate might not be within your normal operating hours). Do yourself, your team and your company a favour, leverage a freelancer on your next project and see for yourself what opportunities come to light.

You’d be surprised at what you can achieve from tapping into this growing resource.



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