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How to rock out as a flamingo in a flock of peacocks!

Right. So not the analogy you were expecting is it? That’s the point.

In life we’re not always the hippest, coolest or trendiest kids on the block but we are one-of-a-kind for sure – there is not another you (even if you’re a twin or a triplet – you might look the same, but you’re a whole other bag of skittles).

So now that we know we’re all amazing, how the flock do we differentiate ourselves as brands, professionals and businesses in the market? In this #SuperSkill info share I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to do just that!

If you’re a flamingo, be the best damn flamingo you can be

A flamingo can’t be a peacock and a peacock can’t be an eagle – they all belong to similar species yet are uniquely different. The key is to own your YOUness. The difference between a competitor product and your own (if we’re talking pigeons for pigeons here) is YOU. Your customer engagement, your results, your experience, your credibility. Never ever EVER underestimate how important it is to bring your authentic self to the table every day.

A flamingo isn’t less spectacular just because the peacock rocks

Stop putting such a heavy on yourself! We are constantly comparing ourselves to other brands and usually to brands we admire (and who have been doing what we do for much longer) and then beat ourselves up or manage to talk ourselves right out of business because we feel we can’t even compete. How insane is that? Seriously, if you want to differentiate yourself, then stop trying to measure your progress against people who – quite frankly – are in a league of their own with years of experience. It’s like that saying – don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. Do you think a flamingo cares that the peacock has a pretty tail or do you think that flami is just going to strut it’s sassy self all the way to center stage!?

I’ve never heard flamingo apologize for moulting

There just is no good reason for walking around making excuses for your shortcomings (we all have them by the way) or flashing disclaimers about all the things we feel we fall short of and still have to grow through. I have never heard a Nike advert that says… ‘Oh by the way, if you train in our shoes, you might be one of the unluckies that need a gas mask once you remove the sweaty trainers’. Have you?

So why then are we so damn quick to make excuses for ourselves or overcompensate for our short comings? Even when the flamingo is moulting and not totally looking its best, you can bet your ass they are going to make sure you take notice of them and are the center of attention. Remember, it’s the YOUness people remember, not your value proposition.

In short. Never change who you are to sell more product or services, never try and mould yourself to look like your competitors. There is no point in constantly comparing your start up to established businesses – all you’re doing is freaking yourself out for no good reason and last but not least – play the game even if you feel you’re not where you need to be. You have no idea when success will manifest so even if you feel unworthy, not good enough and all the other fun stuff we tell ourselves, just keep playing.

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